Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- For an easy, yet decadent dessert, prepare Banana Toffee Croissants.

Vacations and traveling, in general, are good times to throw caution to the wind and never is that more desirable than when choosing dessert.

We may not opt for desserts much in our day-to-day meals, but come vacation time, well, let’s just say that’s another story.

Lately, there’s interest in croissant-type desserts so I played around with different sauces in the slow cooker and came up with one reminiscent of Bananas Foster.

Dressing it up with toffee bits was a bit like gilding the lily, but, oh, so good.

The slow cooker is good for letting flavors merge while guests enjoy the main meal. Let them settle in a bit with coffee after the entrée, then wow them with dessert flair.

All you will need is an hour and a half between the time all the ingredients are in the cooker and spooning it out over the croissants. Toast the croissants quickly if you like, but it isn’t really necessary.

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