Jeff Rosenstock finally got the attention he deserved with "Worry." 

Across 17 tracks, Rosenstock put his anxieties to tape to some of the catchiest power-pop on the 2016 release. Even I couldn't fault him for putting a ska track on there. (Ska is like Newman from "Seinfeld" — always popping up to ruin your day when you absolutely don't need it.)

The punk rocker gets extra points for his nonstop hustle. Outside of his own material, he runs a record label and relentlessly tours. (On March 10, he'll perform at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans.)

It feels like he never sleeps. If he does, he might think it's a waste of time.

Proving my presumptions, Rosenstock surprised fans with the release of "POST-" at the top of the year. Recorded in a couple days in California before the end of 2017, he and his band are taking advantage of the spotlight. 

"POST-" is shorter than "Worry," but it extends on Rosenstock's shaggy dog charm. This is another super-personal, winning set of blistering, bouncy and over-dramatic tunes.

He sings about losing his voice on "Yr Throat," his loneliness on "Powerlessness" and his indifference to his job on "TV Stars." But there is hope here, too, on the 11-minute closer "Let Them Win." 

When Rosenstock starts to sing "We're not gonna let them win, oh no" during that final track, I feel like I'm 15 years old again — I have this music I relate to, blasting in my headphones, that I want to put on repeat until I know all the words. 

During each spin of "POST-," I only want to tell everybody that they should hear this now.   

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