Jennifer Jette, of New Orleans, “an avid reader of The Advocate,” was trying to get a paper from the box in front of the CC’s Coffee House on Maple Street when she dropped a coin and it rolled under the box:

“I tilted the box, retrieved the coin and completed paying the machine. Tilting the box must’ve set it askew, because once all 75 cents was in, it wouldn’t open!

“A man about to enter the coffee shop noticed my dilemma and said he’d get me some change, as it was his paper. I thought that was mighty kind, and proof that chivalry isn’t dead in New Orleans.

“When he came out with coins, I asked what he meant by ‘his paper’ — was he a writer? Nope, the owner. It was John Georges!

“Thank you, Mr. Georges, for making sure I got my daily dose of Smiley — and the news!”

No laughing matter

Lynn Oswalt quotes the political analyst Nipsey Russell: “Political jokes in a political year are to be expected. The problem with these political jokes is that they sometimes get elected.”

The cruelest month

When I met Dot Cooke, of Metairie, at the German Coast Farmers Market in Destrehan, she told me that Louisiana’s Capitol is one of the dozen or so in the country with its own chapel. She says it was installed when Michael O’Keefe was in the Legislature, at the urging of his mother, Nonie.

Dot adds that Nonie was a member of American Mothers Inc., a national organization — which leads to another story:

In 1985 Dot says she was “Louisiana Young Mother,” representing the state at the American Mothers convention at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City:

“That year Barbara Boggs, daughter of Lindy and mayor of Princeton, was ‘New Jersey Mother of the Year.’

“Both she and Lindy made it a point to come meet the Louisiana Young Mother representative.

“Once I opened my mouth, my Long Island accent left them puzzled.

“I explained how my husband landed a job in Louisiana after getting his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

“They asked when we moved to Louisiana, and I told them, ‘In July of 1978.’

“They grabbed my arms and both said, ‘You moved there in July — and you STAYED?’”

Think small

More on early “tiny houses:”

Helen Crouse, of St. Francisville, says, “The U.S. Navy made use of ‘little houses’ for war brides and their sailors.

“My parents felt fortunate to have one of the tiny Quonset huts on Mare Island, California.

“They could see the officers’ row of fine homes, but my mom said her place was cozy — and easier to clean!”

Nice People Dept.

Dave Rowell, of Greenwell Springs, says he was at Allied Tires on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge getting some tires and shocks on his truck when a young lady drove up in an older car and asked him if he worked there.

She wanted to find out if a tire on her car was safe enough to get her home to St. Francisville.

Says Dave, “Her tire had a large bubble protruding from the sidewall. She said she was a senior at West Feliciana High School, and was unable to purchase a replacement tire at this time.”

He asked J.J. Tyler, Allied Tire manager, to take a look at the tire, and J.J. told her he’d find a used tire and install it for her at no charge:

“He told her the used tire would get her home, and she could return it to the store later if she was in the area.”

Dave sends this message to the folks at Allied: “I was so impressed by you guys going above and beyond in customer service. This could have been my daughter or granddaughter who needed a helping hand.”

Special People Dept.

Cecil Robinson, of Lake Sherwood Village in Baton Rouge, celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, April 2. He is a World War II veteran, serving in both the European and Pacific theaters.

Betty and Iverson Gandy Sr. celebrate their 65th anniversary on Friday, April 1.

Betty and Buddy Knox celebrate their 60th anniversary on Friday, April 1.

Bruce and Wynona Martin, of Baton Rouge, will be married 60 years on Thursday, April 7, but they’re celebrating the event on Sunday, April 3, with their daughters.

Blame game

Marvin Borgmeyer says, “I thought it was going to be enjoyable when all the children moved out of the house. However, there was one thing I forgot to consider. Now, when something goes awry, there is no one to blame but me! (My wife is perfect.)”

Inquiring Minds Dept.

Tom Hertwig, of Gonzales, who obviously has too much time on his hands, wonders if our readers can answer these concerns:

“We often note ‘milestones’ to mark the progress of a project. Do they also have milestones in countries that use the metric system ?

“And why is it that sofas (all that I have ever seen) are so deep that most people have to use a pillow behind their back?”

Contacting Smiley

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