NAME: Shelton Jones

AGE: 40

OCCUPATION: Capital campaign coordinator for the Baton Rouge Speech & Hearing Foundation

Tell us about what you’re wearing. “A coral leather sleeveless dress by Susana Monaco from Chatta Box, patent leather Via Spiga wedges from Head Over Heels and carrying an Elaine Turner clutch from Head Over Heels.”

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever gotten? “A well-edited outfit will get your foot in the door long before a 7-inch platform heel.”

What’s your favorite trend right now?“Simple sheath dresses.”

Finish these sentences. I splurge on ... “A good highlight goes a long way.”

I skimp on ... “Swimsuits.”

Are you a shoe or handbag kind of woman? “Shoe.”

How many pairs do you own?“Twenty-five.”

Name a celebrity whose closet you’d like to raid.“Kate Middleton.”

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without? “OFF! Family Care Insect Repellent ... light scent.”

What was your worst fashion mistake? “Kasper polyblend suits from the ’90s.”

Your house is on fire and you can grab only one thing out of your closet; what would it be? “My wedding dress and veil preserved in the box.”

Pam Bordelon

Advocate staff writer