Robby Zeringue says our mention of the annual LSU “pajama game” (at which freshmen wore their jammies) “reminded me of those days when Tiger Stadium was packed with true Tiger fans.

“The men (and their sons) wore suits and hats. The ladies were dressed to the max, complete with mum corsages.

“The pajama games were a great tradition for the student section each year.

“That is one tradition that would never work with our new crop of students.

“I can only imagine something between a Victoria Secret’s fashion show and an episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’ ”

Speed demon

Joe Richard says, “About 1950, members of the Baton Rouge Hot Rod Club would visit nightly between their hopped-up street cars at either the Glass House or Toot and Tell It, both on Florida Street.

“One night Hypolite Landry, who later became parish coroner, was there in his fully-equipped stock Roadmaster Buick.

“One of the club members went over to him and asked, ‘Hyp, do you want to race?’

“His answer was, ‘I’ll race you getting my electric windows up and down!’”

Cutting remark

Rhonda Payton tells the lady looking for a scissors sharpener: “Fiskars makes a scissors sharpener. It looks like a flat box, about 4x5 inches.

“She can get it at fabric stores. So easy to use even a man can do it…”

Confusing consumers

Chuck Savoie, of Kenner, continuing our seminar on product labeling, says instead of expiration dates, food products now have a “best by” date:

“Nothing wrong with the product — just a clever ploy by manufacturers to sell more products.”

Smart talk

Doug Johnson, of Watson, comments on recent mention of the “Ivy League of the South” schools:

“The insinuation that Ivy League schools or other private colleges have smarter students or are better at teaching is a myth.

National magazines use their own criteria to skew the ratings in favor of private schools such as Vanderbilt and Tulane over state schools such as Tennessee and LSU.

“Read for yourself and ask what the ratings have to do with educating, then check on head-to-head contests such as moot court trials and quiz contests.

“And what about the percentage of lawyers who pass the bar exam on the first try?

LSU has beaten Tulane every year that I can remember since reading the results in The Advocate.”

A gift of venison

Sharon Phillips, of Zachary, tells this “good deed” story:

“In an effort to feed the hungry in our community during the Pack the Pantry campaign, brothers Joey and Timmy Graves were challenged by their father, Chad Graves, to see which one could harvest a deer first for the Zachary Food Pantry.

“On their first kill of the season, Joey landed a 10-point and Timmy a doe. The boys were excited to be able to help the needy.”

Sharon says, “We have a kindness campaign going on now in our city called Zachary Connected. It seems as if this campaign is really working!”

Nice People Dept.

Karen Drinkwater says, “My husband, Gary, and I would like to thank the anonymous couple who picked up our tab at Another Broken Egg Café on Veterans Day.

“Gary is a Vietnam veteran and was wearing his veteran’s cap that morning.

“The kind gesture is much appreciated.”

Special People Dept.

JoJo Robert, of Gonzales, celebrates her 98th birthday on Saturday, Nov. 15.

Mildred Hastings celebrates her 90th birthday on Friday, Nov. 14.

So, what’s up with that?

John Bateman asks, “So, what is it with the latest media buzz word, ‘So,’ that broadcasters use?

“In interviews, even the answer to a question, they start with ‘So.’

“So, I suppose it’s better than ‘You know,’ you know.”

(Actually, John, I thought every answer to a question on TV started with “Well...”)

The littlest comedian

“Some people seem to think that children are not being educated properly,” says Ivy Alford, “but it seems to me they’re plenty smart.

“A while back, Harrison, my 4-year-old great-grandson, was playing a little too loudly in the house, and his Uncle Donald said, ‘Harrison, why don’t you go outside and watch the grass grow?’

“Harrison immediately replied, ‘Why don’t you stay inside and watch the paint dry?’”

Stop the music!

Algie Petrere likes this story:

“My neighbor bought his wife a piano for her birthday.

“A few weeks later, I asked how she was doing with it.

“‘Oh,’ he replied, ‘I persuaded her to switch to a clarinet.’

“‘How come?’ I asked.

“‘Well,’ he answered, ‘because with a clarinet she can’t sing.’”

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