‘Opposites Attract’ at Apollo’s Bal Masque _lowres

Photo by STACY BRIMMER --- Queen Apollo XXXIV Josh Richardson as Amanda Rose Andrews and King Apollo XXXIV Joe Bonoil.

The Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge proved “Opposites Attract” at its 34th annual Mardi Gras ball on Jan. 30 at the Baton Rouge River Center. Crowned during the celebration were King Apollo XXXIV Joe Boniol and Queen Apollo XXXIV Josh Richardson as Josalyn Royale.

The evening began with a formal welcome of the more than 1,100 guests by krewe President Corey Tullier. He then introduced special guests Mr. and Miss National Apollo Jonathan Rushing and Alvin McGee as Amanda Rose Andrews; Celeste Angelle Veillon, who sang the National Anthem; and the night’s emcees, Kidd Kraddick Radio Show personalities J-Si Chavez and Jenna Owens.

First to make an entrance were Bal Masque XXXIV Ball Captain John Deshotel Jr. as an angel representing “Life” and Co-captain Bobby Suchman as life’s opposite, “Death.”

They were followed by King Apollo XXXIII Chad Blanchard and Queen Apollo XXXIII Ernest Ourso as Venus Envy, who, in keeping with the krewe’s tradition, returned to reign over Bal Masque XXXIV as “Guns & Roses.”

Mr. and Miss Apollo Baton Rouge Jonathan Rushing and Chris Godal as Alexis Lawrence took the stage next as “Beauty & the Beast.”

Next up were longtime krewe members Jimmy Jones and Mark LeFeaux, who celebrated the 10th anniversary of their royalty with their interpretation of “Gold & Silver.”

Michael Frye and Sam Liota brought “Comedy & Tragedy” to the runway followed by Jonathan Lamonte and Paul Lemoine as Effie Marie and their portrayal of the “Sun & Moon.”

Then Jeremy Longmire and Quentin Little took over the runway along with special guests, The 610 Stompers, as “Rise & Fall.” New members KD Linkous and Marcus Gould danced down the runway as “Ebony & Ivory.”

They were followed by Theo Dennis’ on-stage transformation of “Rags to Riches.”

Next, Lester Mut and Corey Tullier and their entourage of dancers brought their production of “Saints & Sinners” down the runway. Hector Velez as Lady D and Alvin McGee as Amanda Rose Andrews as “Hero & Villain” were followed by Stephen McCants’ and Jim Omohundro’s battle between “Good & Bad.”

Next on the runway were Darren Trujillo and his dancers with “Leather & Lace.” New members Carlos Perez as Miranda Mann and Godal brought to life images of the “Future & Past” before krewe member Nathan Wright prepped guests for the arrival of Bonial and Richardson as “Fire & Ice.” The king’s and queen’s costume designs were by Carol Guion; their Medici-style backpieces were designed by Bo Stepp.

The tableau ended in the traditional Grand March led by the captains, with krewe members throwing beads and other Carnival trinkets to guests.