Mickey adds to comments on the wearing of LSU gear:

“Years ago at the airport in Milan, Italy, my son, wife and I were leaving the terminal when I noticed a gentleman heading in the opposite direction decked out in his LSU shirt and hat.

“As he was passing through an automatic glass door I let out a couple of low ‘Tiger Bait, Tiger Bait!’ calls.

“The poor man nearly broke his neck looking around. We continued on, leaving him guessing, and had a good laugh at his expense. Hope he’ll forgive me if he sees this.”

Small World Dept.

Mary Michel says, “I was a high school teacher for 35 years and taught several thousand students during that time.

“My own children teased me, because whenever we traveled, I would always run into former students.

“I wasn’t all that surprised when I would see them in places like Disney World or the beach, since those are common destinations for many Baton Rougeans.

“However, one day as I was strolling down Rue Montmartre in Paris, I heard someone call from across the street, ‘Mrs. Michel!’

“It was a former student who was studying culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu.”

It ain’t so

The notion in the Wednesday column that August having five three-day weekends is a rare occurrence caused many, many people to say it’s a hoax.

Ronnie Stutes was the first to weigh in:

“The notion that there won’t be another month with five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays for 823 years is wrong.

“Any 31-day month that begins on a Friday has five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays. The last such month was March 2013; the next such month will be May 2015.”

Ronnie says the hoax is best explained at the Snopes website (which I evidently need to check more often).

It’s at www.snopes.com/inboxer/trivia/fivedays.asp .

Special delivery

Joe L. Herring says our seminar on dried cow chips as a fuel brought back this memory:

“In the early ’50s, I was in charge of fish and wildlife, and some environmental issues, at Fort Sill Army base in Oklahoma.

“Fort Sill joined the Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge, home of buffalo and longhorn cattle. We had a very good working relationship.

“I received several letters asking if I could provide dried buffalo chips. These individuals, mostly from the East, would always state they were having an authentic Western cookout or barbecue.

“I honored these requests, and always sent a bushel or so of chips from the W.M.N.W.R.

“I did receive some thank-you letters for the help, telling me the cookout went very good.

“This was not part of my wildlife job, but I do enjoy helping others — even with odd requests.”

Nostalgia Corner

Jack Schneider, a 1954 Catholic High grad, says my recent recollections of my high school days at Istrouma reminded him of hanging out with his dates at the Hopper’s drive-in on Florida Boulevard:

“Many nights Istrouma football players Billy Cannon, Ronnie Riley, Moonie Winston and some other huge linemen (Fred Miller had graduated, thank goodness — he was the finest lineman in the SEC, if not the USA) would ride through, windows down, Ravin’ Dave on the car radio, white T-shirts rolled up to show us the huge biceps Alvin Roy had produced, promoting intimidation as we attempted to cover our dates’ eyes.

“By the way, the hardest I was hit on the football field was by Jim Taylor in the Baton Rouge High game. Cannon never did it ’cause we couldn’t catch him!”

Special People Dept.

  • Rena “Momma Day” Day, of Chipola/Greensburg, celebrates her 98th birthday on Saturday.
  • Lois Harmon, of Port Barre and formerly of Port Allen, celebrated her 97th birthday on Thursday.
  • Marian and Lawrence Landry celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday.

Say what?

Perry Snyder says, “Following their weekly doughnut date, grandson Anderson and his Nini arrived home to find lightning had up and fried the cable.

“Five-year-olds aren’t used to an afternoon of roughing it sans the tele.

“Expecting to see his favorite movie, the lad informed his grandmother: ‘If we don’t have a picture soon, I’ll go to a neighbor’s house whose television wasn’t electrocuted.’

“When Cindy explained that no one had cable, he proclaimed: ‘Well I’ll be a sitting duck.’

“The next time the cable is out, grandmother will offer a lesson on word usage. ‘Sitting duck?’ ”

Hear them roar

“What is the true measure of an LSU fan?” asks T-Bob Taylor, our unpaid correspondent in Panama City Beach, Florida.

He proceeds to answer his own question:

“This fan has gotten purple and gold hearing aids (purple right, gold for the left).

“Get the word to coach Les Miles and the team.”

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