Dear Smiley: Oh, what joy!

We awoke to the sighting of a 9-foot-tall pink flamingo on Carolyn Sue in Broadmoor.

Since relocating to Baton Rouge 7½ years ago, this is the first time this wonderful specimen has been spotted in our sleepy little neighborhood.

We wonder if it is related to the woodpecker that likes to peck away at the aluminum light pole from time to time in front of our home.


Baton Rouge

Dear Leon: No, the pink flamingos flock to City Park Lake annually in advance of Spanish Town Mardi Gras festivities. They are in no way related to your stupid woodpecker. …

Little Miss Locavore

Dear Smiley: My daughter asked me if I could pick up my 8-year-old granddaughter, Dani Honer, from school, as they were being dismissed early.

I picked her up, and explained that a friend of mine was in town for Christmas and she would be joining us for lunch.

She was fine with my friend joining us, but when I told her we were going to a eat Mexican food, she got a little bummed out and said, “Aime, I only like LOUISIANA FOOD!”



Feeling like Noah

Dear Smiley: Back (some would say “way back”) while working at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans in the early ’80s, I was scheduled to teach an early morning class at the facility.

It had been raining all night, but I made it to work through several inches of rain on the roads.

As it turned out, the rain was so bad the facility was closed for the day, but several others had made it to work early that morning.

The scene in the facility soon began to worsen; the utility trenches filled with water and the pressure from the roof drains was so great that it floated the manhole covers off the manholes.

I even have a picture of a crappie found swimming in the trenches inside the building.

To me, that was as close to the Great Flood as I want to get.


Huntsville, Ala.

Special delivery

Dear Smiley: Readers’ recent comments about home delivery of milk brought to mind when I delivered for Santa Maria Dairy in 1950 and 1951. I delivered to several homes in the Denham Springs area.

When I started dating my future wife, Marlene, in 1960, I recognized her home as one to which I had delivered 10 years earlier.

Little did I know that I was delivering to a future wife and mother-in-law.

By the way, we celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary on Jan. 14.



Cream on the top

Dear Smiley: Another interesting memory about milk delivery is that we had a choice of “pasteurized only” or “pasteurized and homogenized.”

For those too young to remember, “pasteurized only” had the cream floating at the top, and we had to shake the container to mix it up before pouring a glass of milk.

The main reason we chose “pasteurized only” was because we could spoon a little cream for our coffee in the morning.

I’m sure I continued to shake the container at least 10 years after it was no longer necessary.



Tongs for the memory

Dear Smiley: Stories about the milkman delivering milk and putting it in your icebox reminds me of another delivery man — the iceman.

Mother had a card she displayed on the front of our house which told the iceman how much ice she needed that day.

The card was about 12 inches square. Each corner had a small hole punched in it and the different amounts of ice: 25, 50, 75 or 100 pounds. She turned it so the amount she needed was at the top, and hung it on a nail by the front door.

The iceman would bring the block of ice in the back door and put it in the icebox (the door was never locked).

He used the ugliest pair of tongs you ever saw!



Three Horaces

Dear Smiley: It might interest your readers to know that the Horace Wilkinson Bridge (the Interstate 10 bridge) is not named after one Horace Wilkinson, but three.

Father, son and grandson all served in the Louisiana Legislature for a total of 54 years, and were honored by the naming of the bridge in 1968.

This from someone who crosses the bridge nearly every day, and about a year or two ago wanted to know who Horace Wilkinson was!


New Roads

Too much information

Dear Smiley: Regarding the sports analysts who talk way too much describing what you are looking at:

They are similar to the television news person who spends an hour before the president speaks to tell us what he is going to say, then an hour after telling us what he said.



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