Ayme Messer and her three children made Sunday’s Poche Plantation Mini Pot Jambalaya Cook-off a real family affair.

Messer, of St. Amant, took the top prize in the first-time contest, held during an arts and crafts fair at the St. James Parish plantation.

Her 12-year-old daughter, Isabella Messer, made the finals, coming in at sixth place. Older son, Tristan Messer, 15, was a contestant but didn’t make it to the finals, and younger son, Hollis, 8, helped his mom with her entry.

“This is my first time in anything,” Ayme Messer said, when asked about competing in cooking contests.

She and her children had been practicing at their Ascension Parish home to get ready for the competition, she said, adding, “We are going to keep practicing and try again next year.”

Connor Louque, 14, of Paulina, received two trophies, one for placing second in the minipot jambalaya contest and another for being the highest scoring youth competitor.

“I’ve been cooking since I was little with my PawPaw (Terry) Louque,” cooking jambalaya, gumbo and stews, the youngster said as he showed off his trophies.

Louque, son of Jeannie and Charles Louque, also does camp cooking with his Boy Scout troop.