Bobby Marchand, of Acy, says, “Being Catholic, my wife Ginger and I wanted to teach our young toddler son, Bret, how to make the sign of the cross, so we would get him each day to practice doing it.

“As we were watching TV one night, Bret came into the room complaining of his ‘holy’ hurting him.

“I asked him what did he mean, and he pointed to his left shoulder.

“Do you think maybe we started a little too early with his religious education?”

Not the same

Doug says, “I remember as a young kid getting the words ‘familiar’ and ‘peculiar’ mixed up.

“When an aunt asked me if I had ever had her dessert before, I responded that it did taste peculiar, only to have my mom rush in and say, ‘He means FAMILIAR!’”

A perfect day

Friday was probably the nicest day of the year so far. The sun was bright but not too hot, there was a cool breeze, and people I passed on the street were quick with a smile and a nod.

The reason for this wonderful day: the Cubs are in the playoffs!

Kindness remembered

Bill Prestridge says mention of Olga Hotz in the Thursday column (who chased down a burglar with a broom) reminded him that she taught him in the sixth grade in Destrehan:

“I remember Ms. Hotz as being a very good but a very tough, stern teacher. Her chasing a burglar seems right in line with what I would expect.

“I didn’t enter her class until December. One of the things I still fondly remember is when I entered the class they had already drawn names for gift exchanges for Christmas. Ms. Hotz gave me her glass a couple of times and told me to go get her some water. Little did I know that while I was gone she had the class take up some money to make sure I also received a gift with everyone else.

“To this day I still remember her thoughtfulness.”

A moving story

Gerald W. “Jerry” Middleton Jr. says mention of moving the field in Tiger Stadium brought back this memory:

“I am a land surveyor in Baton Rouge, and for years worked for an engineering-surveying company that did most of the surveying and engineering projects at LSU through the early ’90s.

“Reading about the stadium jogged somewhat ancient memories of mine dealing with shifting the playing field within the confines.

“I remember the field was offset to the north with a much larger space beyond the south goal, where the Golden Band had plenty of room to line up prior to the pre-game show.

“I have pulled the old survey records and find that I did indeed survey within Tiger Stadium. My recollection is during spring training in ’85 a receiver was injured crashing into the wall at one of the north end zone corners.

“The decision was made to center the field, so I went there with my field crew on June 4, 1985, and shifted the field 11 feet to the south end.”

Shell game

Algie Petrere says, “All the stories about misused words brought back a memory of my now 14-year-old grandson, Marvin.

“When he was about 3 years old, his mother (my daughter, Melanie) was ‘counting to three’ while disciplining him. To give him more time to comply, she counted, ‘One, two, two and a half, two and three quarters...’

“It obviously made an impression on him, because a few days later, when Melanie was admonishing his big brother, Marvin chimed in with, ‘I’m, two, two and three turtles!’

“Needless to say, it became a favorite family expression.”

Flowery language

Joan Waguespack Barre, of Metairie, says, “When I was a floral designer I had a particular customer I had not seen in a while. When I commented on the fact, she told me she had undergone a ‘hystorectum.’

“She wanted me to include ‘eucalyptums, ferms and ivories’ (eucalyptus, ferns and ivy) in the floral arrangement she ordered.”

Special People Dept.

Ray Brown, of Central, celebrates his 105th birthday on Monday, Oct. 5. He is a World War II veteran.

Beryl McKowen Morris celebrates her 95th birthday on Monday, Oct. 5.

Theresa and Alfred Bonaventure, of Walker, celebrated their 63rd anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 4.

Name games

Brave husband Rob Payer says he and wife Julie and were recently watching some old films on Turner Classic Movies when she looked over and asked, “I can’t remember…what was the name of the actor who played Lawrence of Olivier?”

And Dr. Joe Ricapito says, “Recently I had to go to my cell phone store to question a charge on my bill. The clerk got on the phone and, after exchanging pleasantries with the person she was talking to, asked my name.

“She spelled my name, then pronounced it ‘Ri-cappuccino.’ So now I am known as Dr. Joe Ricappuccino.”

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