NAME: Donna Jenkins

AGE: “Old enough to appreciate being healthy and happy.”

OCCUPATION: “Enjoying the ultimate job — retirement.”

Tell us about what you’re wearing.

“A geometric sweater with my ‘go-to’ slim black pants, black patent-leather wedges and every Southern woman’s signature piece — a string of pearls.”

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?

“According to my aunts, who owned the Style Shoppe in Springhill, ‘Fashion is only fashionable when it looks good on you.’”

What’s your favorite trend right now?

“Tapered-leg pants because they are comfortable and can anchor many different outfits.”

Finish this sentence. I splurge on...

“The rarely found item that makes me smile.”

I skimp on...

“Tennis shoes.”

Are you a shoe or handbag kind of woman?

“Shoe — all styles from A to Z.”

How many pairs do you own?

“Enough to know I have to weed them out occasionally.”

Name a celebrity whose closet you’d like to raid.

“Michael Kors’ design studio closet.”

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

“Retin A cream.”

What was your worst fashion mistake?

“Frizzy, permed hair. Did I look in a mirror?”

Your house is on fire and you can grab only one thing out of your closet; what would it be?

“The jewelry my husband has given me.”

Pam Bordelon

Advocate staff writer