Dan Bejar, aka Destroyer, has been around since the mid-’90s. He has a stream of loyal fans who dig his changing styles of albums while always maintaining an organic, ever progressing poetry of sorts.

Destroyer’s indie rock tracks are melodic, and each has that combination of guitar rock and operatic tomfoolery that’s carried Bejar into 2016. His latest release, "Poison Season," is pretty freaky and full of sax solos. 

Bejar performs Wednesday at the Spanish Moon. Doors open at 7 p.m. 

His plan, according to his press junket, is to treat his fans to “troubadourial fare with guitar and vintage pedals.”

This sounds intriguing, and Bejar's certainly an artist when it comes to his songs. Which is why it was a shame about the interviewing part.

An artist such as Bejar must have quite the creative process. No one possibly could be making the waves he’s making without a clear-cut vision.

“I’m usually just like walking down the street, and then like a slew of words with melodies attached to them just descends on me,” said Bejar. “Like walking through like a cloud of bugs, and then after that it’ll stick with me, or I’ll forget all about it.”

Bug, chords and creativity ... let's move to the next topic: Bejar's talent. One would assume he would have much to say on the backstory that led him to where he is today creatively.

“Talent usually burns pretty bright straight out of the gate, so it’s pretty hard to say,” said Bejar. “I’m kinda in it for the long haul, though, ya know? I’ll see all the other geniuses at the finish line.”

Bejar has a reputation for being quirky. He’s been doing what he does for a while, and it’s possible that being interviewed repeatedly becomes tedious.

Perhaps having fun with the interviewer at her expense —when said interviewer has spent two weeks attempting to set up just five minutes of his time in order to get some semblance of a coherent interview to help promote his upcoming show — is par for the course.

Maybe asking about that upcoming show could steer this in another direction. Maybe this was salvageable, after all.

“I’ll just like close my eyes and try not to get too distracted,” said Bejar. “I’ll probably play a bunch of songs.”

Here’s to hoping, for the sake of his fans, that he’s not too easily distracted.


WHEN: Wednesday. Doors open at 7 p.m. 

WHERE: The Spanish Moon, 1109 Highland Road, Baton Rouge 

COST: $15

INFO: thespanishmoon.com