Spicy Cucumber Orange Salad _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Spicy Cucumber Orange Salad can be served three ways -- as a salad, as a side or as a relish.

This Spicy Cucumber Orange Salad makes a nice change. Besides being served as a salad, it can used as a side dish or a relish.

It calls for an Anaheim chili pepper, which is a mild chili that blends well with the orange segments and cucumber. You will see Anaheim-labeled green chilies in many markets. They’re sweet tasting with just a hint of “bite.” At the last minute, I had to substitute with a red bell pepper because I forgot to put the Anaheim on my grocery list. The color was pretty, but the taste is different from the Anaheim. If you have to substitute, be sure to select a mild-flavored pepper.

The cucumbers, peppers, oranges and onions marinate in the basic herb vinegar and oil mixture for a few hours.

You can serve this as a salad by itself or on a small bed of greens. I’ve done it both ways.

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