There doesn’t need to be an occasion to serve turkey. Turkey breast is an easy meal with a lot of possibilities.

Add some pretty color by way of fresh vegetables. Here’s a quick tip for slow cooking and making colors pop. Don’t add some veggies until halfway through the cooking process. Potatoes and onion should be added at the beginning; however, squash slices, sliced carrots and asparagus can wait.

When serving your dish, use thin peelings from vegetables like carrots. Simply use a vegetable peeler and swipe along the carrot, saving the thin shavings to drop on top of the finished dish. Any veggie of color can serve the same purpose.

As for the turkey, thaw in the refrigerator, and if there is still a chance that the inside is icy, turn slow cooker to high for an hour or two before shifting down to low. Give the cooker a good opportunity to get the temperature up quickly.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at