With the Capitol Correspondents Association’s 62nd annual Gridiron Show coming up Friday and Saturday, I’ve been recalling some past shows and the governors they lampooned:

Gov. Edwin Edwards, after we presented him with a plaque reading, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS,” brought down the house when he looked at the plaque and deadpanned in that Cajun accent, “Now if we only had a press corps that knew the difference. ...”

After Gov. Mike Foster took up motorcycle riding, he and wife Alice showed up for the show in their leathers.

Gov. Earl Long was such a colorful character that years after his death, we kept finding excuses to write skits featuring his ghost.

And Gov. Jimmie Davis, instead of delivering the traditional rebuttal at the end of the show, hauled his band up on stage to give us a rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.”

The song figured in another memorable moment.

At the end of the show the year Gov. Davis died, Bob Neese, who had been playing Gov. Foster (complete with camo duck-hunting regalia) walked out on stage with his guitar and began softly singing Jimmie’s signature song.

The rest of the cast came out, singing along, then the audience rose as one and joined in. There were more than a few tears shed that night.

Jimmie, who knew a thing or two about performing, would have no doubt been pleased.

The other white starch

Kathryn C. Moreau says, “After retiring, my parents, Pete and Verdie Couvillion, enjoyed traveling across the country.

“Once, after they returned from a trip to Washington and California, I asked Dad, ‘How was the food?’

“Missing his beloved rice and gravy, he replied, ‘Well, there is one thing I’ve discovered: The farther west you travel from the Mississippi River, the bigger the baked potato gets.’

“I’m pretty sure I know what was on the menu once they returned!”

Communication by cookie

Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Jackson, says, “One night, after my husband and I finished eating Chinese food, we started on our fortune cookies.

“I told him mine said, ‘You will be a father in August.’

“He said it couldn’t possibly say that.

“Of course it didn’t say that — but it was my way of telling him we were expecting our first child.”

Second opinion

Janice says, like our reader Keith, “I, too, served as a juror in Judge William Morvant’s court.

“Our treatment by the judge and his bailiff was outstanding. I received a very kind letter from Judge Morvant thanking me for my service.

“Thanks to the sheriff’s deputies who escorted us to our vehicles each evening.

“Serving on a jury was not only a learning experience, but a pleasant one.”

The corporal’s home

Army Cpl. Jeffrey Argrave and family will get the keys to a new home at a ceremony at 11 a.m. Saturday in Prairieville.

The specially adapted home, at 15257 Murano Ave., was built by Homes for Our Troops, a national nonprofit organization that provides injured veterans with homes at no cost.

Autumn Oster, of Homes for Our Troops, says Argrave was on his first deployment in Afghanistan when he was hit by shrapnel from a grenade and sustained major spinal injuries.

An escort will bring Argrave to his new home Saturday, and supporters are encouraged to line the street to welcome him.

To learn about Homes for Our Troops and Argrave, visit http://www.homesforourtroops.org/argrave.

Worthy causes

“You might not be able to have your cake and eat it, too,” says Jenny Ridge, “but no one ever said anything about pizza!”

She says on Thursday you can have your Reginelli’s pizza and support the Mental Health Association for Greater Baton Rouge.

Eat at the Reginelli’s pizzeria on West Chimes Street and the MHA will receive 10 percent of all sales that day — if you mention the association.

Proceeds will support programs and services for adults with mental illness and substance addictions.Call (225) 929-7674 for information.

Fair time

The 12th annual Fordoche Fair on Thursday through Saturday at Ryan Shoupe Park is billed as a true country fair, with rides, a karaoke contest, bands, a jambalaya cook-off, etc.Call (225) 637-3112 or email clerk@fordoche.org.

Aging process

Ernie Gremillion says when he became older than the president, “I perceived myself as being old.

“When I became older than the last three presidents, I changed that to the pope.

“Now I guess I can REALLY consider myself as being old.”

Lost and found

Dale Boyett says, “I recently had a doctor’s appointment and was being weighed by the nurse.

“I commented that I had lost 15 pounds, and from down the hall came this response by a woman: ‘I found it!’ ”

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