Making learning fun and engaging young children can be difficult, but for more than 40 years Sesame Street has been teaching kids about shapes, numbers and the power of imagination. Now, the energy and kid-friendly fun of the long-running TV show has been put into a new live production called Sesame Street Live: Can’t Stop Singing.

“Can’t Stop Singing is an enchanting, brand-new Sesame Street Live production,” said Jessi Mapes, the Baton Rouge River Center marketing manager. “It’s bigger, better and brighter this year. It’s a very engaging show from start to finish and one that you and your child will love.”

Since first airing in 1969, Sesame Street has been broadcast in more than 120 countries and has won more than 100 Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as eight Primetime Emmys. Sesame Street broke ground by using research on developmental learning as a basis for its educational programming. The Children’s Television Workshop (CTW) was created to monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum on the show, measuring factors such as distraction and attention spans. Since then, more than 1,000 studies have been performed to measure the show’s impact on a child’s learning.

However, all of that research would be for nothing if the show wasn’t fun.

The magic (and mischief) of the show begins when Elmo gets his furry fingers on the wand of Abby Cadabby, a fairy-in-training, and unleashes musical magic. Most of the stars of the show will make appearances during this 90-minute performance, including Big Bird, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie, and the Cookie Monster.

“Fans can expect to sing and dance along with Elmo and friends throughout the entire show,” Mapes said. “Can’t Stop Singing is literally a nonstop musical montage.”

Families who arrive an hour early can play and explore in the Play Zone, which is free for those who already have a ticket to the main show. Kids will have a chance to interact with Sesame Street characters and play games at one of the several character-themed displays. Of course, parents will have plenty of photo opportunities as well, and who doesn’t want a picture of their child hanging out in a trash can with Oscar the Grouch?

“We are thrilled to have the Sesame Street Live Play Zone for the first time ever at the River Center,” Mapes said. “The Play Zone is an interactive simulation of the actual Sesame Street. Your child can sit on Big Bird’s Nest, pop up in Oscar’s trash can, bust a move at Zoe’s dance studio and so much more.”