Tigerama Live will bring fans a lot of the music they’ve come to love when the annual performance of LSU bands takes place in a few days.

In terms of location, however, the show is becoming even more traditional — it’s going back to its roots.

Tigerama Live will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20, in LSU's Union Theater on campus and at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21, at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans. This is the first time in years that Tigerama has ventured outside Baton Rouge, but it went statewide when Frank Wickes, then LSU’s director of bands, created it as a band recruiting tool 35 years ago.

“They called it Tigerama Tour,” said Rob Dowie, the band's coordinator of leadership and development. “About 10 years ago, it became a fundraiser also, and when that happened, it moved to one location. Everything went into making it a big event.

“We’re trying to make sure we can do both now. We want to use it for recruitment and to get to those Tiger fans that maybe can’t get to Baton Rouge for a weeknight performance.”

Depending on how well Tuesday’s New Orleans concert goes, future Tigeramas might go to Lafayette, Lake Charles, Houston or Dallas, Dowie said.

The Baton Rouge performance also involves a venue change. It has been held in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center for more than a decade, but it began in the LSU Union Theater, a more intimate setting.

“We really want the impact of the show to be up front and very powerful,” Dowie said. “When you’re playing in a big arena … people don’t really appreciate how powerful the band is until you get right in front of it in an enclosed environment. We want everyone who comes to the show to feel like they’re basically part of the show.”

The first half of Tigerama Live will feature LSU’s concert bands — the symphonic winds and the wind ensemble, which will be joined at the end by the Tiger Band. The second half is exclusively the Tiger Band, playing the traditional LSU spirit music heard at football games as well as songs from some of this year’s halftime entertainment. The Golden Girls and color guard will have their moments, too.

Ticket prices start at $10 in Baton Rouge and $20 in New Orleans, and run to $65, Dowie said. For tickets, go online to bands.lsu.edu/tigerama. Proceeds will go to support the LSU Marching Band and the Department of Bands in the LSU School of Music.

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