Sweet potatoes are being unearthed as the fall season deepens.

And, while they store well, the freshest ones are available now. These earthy potatoes are healthy and versatile — so much more than brown sugar and marshmallows. You can serve them roasted, sautéed, baked, puréed and more.

One baked medium-sized sweet potato contains more than 400 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin A and a heavy helping of vitamin C. A sweet potato has plenty of calcium, potassium and iron, too.

As if that wasn’t enough, an average sweet potato has about 100 calories!

As you can probably tell by my enthusiasm, I love sweet potatoes. And I require a large repertoire of recipes for them.

After a brief stint in catering, I decided it was best if I just entertained at home. But on that little adventure, I met some amazing chefs who are still willing to share a recipe or two with me. My old friend and fellow catering veteran, chef Eric Arceneaux, shared a sweet potato hash recipe with me a year ago, and I’ve been making it as often as possible ever since. He often serves it with a poached duck egg and hollandaise, which makes it extra decadent. But for a weeknight meal, the hash by itself is pretty amazing. Because it cooks so quickly, it’s perfect for whipping up while offering help on the homework front.

If super simple is more your thing, a sweet potato version of baked hasselback potatoes may be the recipe for you. The most difficult part of this recipe is trying not to botch slicing the potatoes (see tip in recipe), but if you do, scalloped sweet potatoes are just as lovely.

I’m hoping to replenish my stock of sweet potatoes this week, and I have a lot more planned for them this season. In the meantime, we’ll keep these two recipes in regular rotation.