The Ladies’ Krewe of Galatea celebrated “India” at its 47th annual ball and tableau Saturday, Jan. 23, at the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium.

Queen Galatea XLVII Kimberly Hernandez was presented as Shakti, the great divine mother of the Hindus.

Accompanying her were Pages Nellie M. Lock, the granddaughter of Patty and Leslie Ellis; Grace L. Matte, daughter of Lauren and Jeffrey Matte; Bree E. Mitchell, granddaughter of Janice and Rocky Roussell; and Elizabeth A. Patterson, daughter of Kellye and David Patterson.

King Drake D. Stansbury took his bow as Brahma, the Hindu father of gods, demons and humans.

His attendants were Gavin J. DiMatteo, son of Leah and Matthew DiMatteo; Joseph C. Giglio, IV, grandson of Peggy Perry; Beau M. LeBlanc, son of Jenifer and Kevin LeBlanc; and William M. Foreman, grandson of Dr. F.H. and Patsy Metz.

Other court members were presented as Hindu deities.

First Maid Carey Gaddis depicted Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and was escorted by James Stansbury III as Krishna, the god of divine joy.

Representing Parvati, goddess of love, fertility and marital devotion, was Second Maid Christie Dragna, escorted by Derald Hardaway as Murugan, god of war.

Third Maid Andree Wiggins portrayed Kali, goddess of time and death, and was escorted by Ryan Yager as Hanuman, god of loyalty.

Fourth Maid Bridgett Bassa appeared as Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, music and creative arts. She was on the arm of Surya, god of the sun portrayed by Patrick Arabie.

In accordance with Galatea tradition, the members’ young daughters and sons were introduced. Honored as ladies-in-waiting were Madison Arabie, Alyssa Burton, Leah Domangue, Julianna Hernandez, Maddi McGonagill and Wrenn Patterson. They were escorted by Sean Torgrimson Jr., Andrea Dragna, Ethan DeHart, Samuel Breaux, Tristan McGonagill and Joseph Borkowski.

The captain, whose name is never revealed, portrayed Vishnu, the all-pervading preserver and protector of the universe. The parade lieutenant, Michele Picou, as the Snake Charmer, led the krewe members in dance.

Members of the krewe’s 12 float groups represented curry and saffron spices, naan and basmatic rice, chai and darjeeling tea, sangeet and bhangra music, tapestries and cushions, and lotus and orchid flowers.

The board of directors and officers led the Krewe as Vedas, sacred books of India, headed by the board assistant lieutenant, Tracy Carmichael.

Husbands of Galatea members served in numerous capacities for the gala event. General Chairman Judge Edward M. Leonard was assisted by Sean R. Carpenter. The Krewe of Galatea will continue its Mardi Gras celebration with a parade at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 7.