Surprise Dad this weekend by making him a homemade cake. My Dad’s favorite cake was a marble cake in which chocolate and yellow cake batters are swirled together.

I couldn’t find my mother’s recipe so I used a recipe from Joy of This cake was not as large as the marble cake I remembered, but it was moist and delicious and I think a very good substitute.

Another choice, for a not-too-fussy cake, is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. That’s my son’s favorite. My recipe for Homemade Yellow Cake makes a tall, three-layer cake. It’s frosted with a rich and easy-to-spread frosting.

There are just a few tips to good cake baking:

  • Read through recipe first.
  • Prepare pans correctly.
  • Preheat oven to correct temperature.
  • Have eggs and butter at room temperature.
  • Measure all ingredients before you begin.

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