I guess I’m in a silly mood, because this story made me laugh out loud, and almost spill my morning cup of hot Ovaltine...

Bill Quinn says, “Last week, while driving through Alabama, I was enjoying a pastor’s sermon on the radio and his country ‘twang.’

“He admitted that he had trouble with drugs when he was young.

“He said his momma drug him every Sunday to church.”

A Yat goes shopping

Aubry Brice says, “Reading about that South Carrollton accent reminds me of being a young boy there in the mid ’50s.

“My parents always talked about their friend ‘Jawn Furon,’ but I never knew who he was.

“One Saturday morning when I was about 11, I was walking down the cereal aisle with my father at Schwegmann’s on Airline.

“My dad sees this man and exclaims, ‘Well, Jawn Furon, long time no see.’ I immediately recognized this man as John Ferrand.

“Mr. Ferrand exclaimed, ‘My wife will spend lebenty leben dollars in this jernt in the next hour. I am going to the bar and get a beer.’

“Folks may remember that this grocery had a full bar and counter service so that men could bring their wives to ‘make groceries’ while they drank beer and had a po-boy.”

Which reminds me

Back when my folks lived in Kenner, I was visiting them on a Sunday morning and we set out for church.

My mom needed to pick up something before church, so we stopped by the Schwegmann’s on Veterans Highway.

Inside the store I saw a family of four — father, mother, little boy, little girl. They were all, uh, plus size.

The daddy wore a while sleeveless ribbed undershirt, khakis with no belt and leather slippers with no socks.

The mama wore a bright flowered muu-muu and terry-cloth slippers, and had her hair up in pink plastic rollers.

The two kids were barefoot, wearing shorts and T-shirts covered by the red syrup from the snowballs they were clutching in paper cups as they followed along.

The parents were sipping on longneck bottles of Dixie beer as they strolled leisurely through the supermarket doing their Sunday morning grocery shopping.

It’s not an image you can easily forget...

Memories and sodas

Brookie Allphin took a trip down Memory Lane when her old family home on Baton Rouge’s Jefferson Highway, a school uniform shop for a couple of decades, was demolished Monday (an event chronicled by Andrea Gallo in the Tuesday Advocate).

She recalls her father, the late John Allphin, telling of moving into the old “White Plantation” when he was 12, and raising horses on the 10 acres around the home.

Says Brookie, “A Baton Rouge High graduate, my dad and friends would stop at the Fleur de Lis, the ‘last point of civilization,’ before trekking home down Jefferson Highway. When we were children, Daddy would wait for my brother and me after school to go to Dearman’s for their famous nectar soda.

“Last weekend, I took my grandson August Perez V to Dearman’s for his first soda, after we said goodbye to the old home.”

Worthy causes

Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary benefits from a jewelry and accessories sale Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Special People Dept.

Earl Little celebrated his 90th birthday on Saturday, March 14. He is a World War II veteran who served with the Army Air Force in the Pacific.

Lucille and Albert Hebert, of Lafayette, celebrate their 70th anniversary on Wednesday, March 18.

The un-chocolate

Val Garon says, “My late friend, Leven Lejeune, told me that when he was a teenager, he came home from school one day to find a jar full of chocolate-colored paste in his mother’s refrigerator.

“Thinking it was icing for a cake, he stole a large spoonful and gulped it down. He discovered what cold roux was!”

Miracle rabbit

Ernie Gremillion says, “Seeing the story about ‘that wascally wabbit!’ in your column reminds me of a recent rabbit story on the Internet.

“It seems a man’s back-door neighbor had a pet white rabbit.

“When he came home from work, his dog was chewing on his neighbor’s dead rabbit.

“Knowing his neighbor would not be home for a while, he scurried to a pet store, bought a similar rabbit and put it in his neighbor’s cage.

“He watched his neighbor returning from work, and detected more than a bit of curiosity when he was viewing his rabbit.

“Thinking he had been busted, he walked over to ask if something was wrong.

“The neighbor explained he was totally puzzled — because his rabbit had died the day before and he buried it in the back yard. Somehow he came back to life and was in his cage.”

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