New Orleans — Breanna Steer returned home to LaPlace Friday night after getting voted off “American Idol’’ the day before, but the 18-year-old singer says she has no regrets about any of her performances in the competition.

Judges Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson were critical of her choice in last week’s competition, Beyonce’s “Flaws and All,’’ but Steer said she knew the judges probably wouldn’t like the choice.

She said she kept asking herself why she wanted to sing that song and always came back to the same answer. “I was doing it for the fans, for the vocals and to show a personal side of me,’’ she said.

“I do have a special person back home; he’s doing his thing while I do mine, but he is my best friend,’’ she said, extending on a theme she had hinted at during an interview on “American Idol” about the song choice. But she wouldn’t name him during a phone interview Monday.

“My mom would kill me,’’ she said, describing her mother as a “typical mother’’ who wants her to focus on her career right now and not boys.

Steer said that performing on the show was what she had imagined.

“The crowds and the lights and the camera and the action,’’ she said, were exactly as she had dreamed it would be “singing in front of America for the first time in my life.’’

The experience clearly left her wanting more. “I wish I could be back on stage,’’ she said, a little wistfully.

But Steer said that when the winners of the Top 10 were announced Thursday, she told herself she wouldn’t be in that number.

“I was OK with it. I know there are more opportunities out there, and ‘American Idol’ has exposed me as a singer,’’ she said.

Her arrival in New Orleans was low-key; only a couple of friends met her at the airport. She’s heard that St. John the Baptist Parish is making plans for a welcome home party. And she’s planning to visit her alma mater, East St. John High School, where her younger brother is still a student.

She’s heard that there are plans at the school to form a fan club for her.

As for the show, she said she’ll probably watch the rest of the run, but her focus will be on her own opportunities, not the competition.

While she made friends on the show, which she described as being like family, she could not name a favorite. “I’m rooting for all of them,’’ she said.