Some days are just meant for soup.

I joke, slightly, about someday going to soup school in France because I love making and savoring all different kinds of soups.

Maybe it’s because they fit my fast-paced lifestyle — easy to heat and easy to eat. And, there’s just something simple and wholesome about a good bowl of soup.

My mother still thinks it’s funny that I spoon my soup, or gumbo as the case may be, over each cracker as if making a little hors d’oeuvre, like I did as a kid.

At my most recent trip to the farmers market, I picked up a couple pounds of plump shrimp and some fresh corn, then spent that afternoon making soup. There’s something methodical and calming about it — shelling the shrimp, chopping the vegetables, stirring the pot.

Of course, you can whip up a soup quickly with a little help — pre-chopped vegetables from the freezer or all-natural stock from the store. You may have to adjust seasonings or liquid levels, but the results are still delicious on a chilly evening.

While the shrimp stock cooked, I made homemade crackers to go with our supper.

This little recipe is now a solid staple. I used cheddar cheese, but you can certainly make wheat crackers, change up the seasonings to your favorite blends or add herbs. I plan to do a little experimentation and look forward to a lot of delicious crackers to come.

As the nights get cooler, I hope you’ll enjoy this soup and cracker combo. If it’s a hot bowl on the porch as the sun sets or with family gathered around the table, soup warms the soul.