Glenn E. Mitchell, of Gretna, says the Tigers’ problems with Nick Saban’s Alabama teams remind him of similar problems they had with Bear Bryant’s Bama teams.

Glenn found in his 1967 Gumbo, the LSU yearbook, a picture he had cut out of The Daily Reveille, the campus newspaper:

“The picture showed Bear Bryant, arms folded, straddling Tiger Stadium (much like Mike the Tiger in pictures of Death Valley), with a caption, ‘If I had the material LSU has I would lose two games — the Packers and the Colts!’”

Saintly assistance

“Here is another ‘small miracle,’” says Mary Pramuk.

“When I was working at the West Baton Rouge Museum, a man delivering some objects for a planned exhibition discovered his keys were missing. We made at least four trips to his car and back but didn’t find the keys.

“We finally gave up, and were contemplating our next move when Mrs. Louise Lefebvre, who had been with the museum since it first opened and was a lady of deep faith and wisdom, suggested we pray to St. Anthony.

“I thought this couldn’t hurt, so I set off for the car with St. Anthony in my mind. I almost immediately saw the keys in plain sight next to the car in the short grass.

“I confess: St. Anthony, the finder of lost things, is no longer a last resort for me.”

Treasure dive

Karl L. Denino says, “I would not call this a miracle, but more being lucky.

“A couple of years ago when my two grandsons, Anthony and Matthew, ages 13 and 12, went to Barbados, they learned how to scuba dive and got certified. When they were out on their first deep dive, around 50 to 60 feet deep, Matthew spotted something shiny on top of the white sand at the bottom.

“It was a gold and platinum man’s wedding band. Either he was a disgruntled husband and threw it there, or it just fell off his finger. The ring appraised at over $900.”

Up on the roost

Mariano Hinojosa tells a story about his wife Bertha, a teacher:

“One recent morning Bertha’s elementary students noticed that she looked tired. After she covered a yawn with a hand, one of the boys asked what was the matter. Bertha explained that she had stayed up late to prepare classroom instructions.

“The boy said, ‘You need to go to bed early. You need to go to sleep when the sun goes down, just like the chickens.’”

Livestock blues

Leslie Tassin says stories of college dorms remind him of the time in 1966 when roommate Mike Morrow, of Arnaudville, brought a rabbit, named Lapin, into their room in LSU’s Pentagon Barracks for a pet. After the bunny chewed up everything in sight, Leslie set him free in the forest.

He says, “In spite of being from the rural community of Bordelonville, I had experienced bad moments with animals. For an FFA project I purchased three sheep for $15 and took care of them for three months, bringing them about 10 buckets of water a day. When I took them to the auction to sell them, I received $14.75. This convinced me not to be a farmer.”

Bayou Sara connection

Jay Silverberg says while he now lives in northern California, he was raised in Thibodaux and has family there and in Baton Rouge, Eunice and Lafayette. Lately he’s been gathering information about his ancestors, and had one essay about them published in the current edition of the Journal of Southern Jewish History. He’s especially interested in those in the Bayou Sara area.

He says, “If your readers have connections to Bayou Sara such as relatives, photos, family diaries, letters and such, I would like to talk with them. My email is, or they can call me at (707) 772-6824.”

Grand opening

Joe F. Cannon comes up with a helpful hint I haven’t seen in Heloise’s column:

“Recent illness which included the numbness of my fingers resulted in the problem of manipulating zippers. This can be of significance, particularly if you are using public facilities!

“One thing all zippers have is a small hole in the tip. I have found that inserting a paper clip through this enables the user 100 percent control of his situation.

“Do you think this may have a commercial aspect? The tab could be some symbol, or possibly a fraternity related design?”

Unlucky holiday

Louis B. Gaudin tells this story about two young ladies (he mentioned their hair color, but I don’t see why that’s relevant):

“They were chatting over coffee when one said that Christmas will fall on a Friday this year.

“The other one said, ‘I hope it is not a Friday the 13th.’”

That shrinking feeling

Harriet St. Amant offers this post-Thanksgiving tale:

“My friend hates to exercise, which means the treadmill in her bedroom barely gets used.

“Nevertheless, she swears by it.

“‘It really works,’ she told me. ‘I throw my jeans over it and they get smaller.’”

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