Judy Green says, “The combination of cold and flu season and ‘things children say’ in your column reminds me of something son Ben said when he was nearly 3.

“Younger brother Andrew had a cold and sniffles at the time.

“From another room, I heard Andrew deliver a loud (and what sounded quite productive) sneeze.

“Ben came running in to me and announced, ‘Mama! Come quick! Andrew has ‘bless you’ all over his face!’ ”

Religious awakening

Our seminar on home milk delivery brought this recollection from Judy S. Collins:

“It was standard procedure for the milkman to bring the milk into the house.

“My dad, Ed Sensat, delivered milk for Louisiana Creamery on Plank Road. He was doing this as late as 1962.

“His route was the False River area.

“Imagine his surprise when this good ole Baptist boy had to move the priest’s beer to put milk in the refrigerator.”

Munchies alert!

This column’s junk food analyst, Dr. Dudley Lehew, JFA, announces a major discovery:

“While browsing around my Denham Springs Walgreen, I discovered TWINKIES!

“Well, not actually the recently deceased Hostess Twinkies, but the same calorie-filled, sweet, addictive cake treat packaged under Walgreen’s own brand, ‘Nice!’

“It’s produced in Canada. But hey, if it looks like a Twinkie, tastes like a Twinkie and it’s readily available — it’s a Twinkie! Right?”

Last laugh revisited

After Algie Petrere indicated that Texas A&M got the last laugh on all those Aggie-joke tellers with its successful football season, Heisman Trophy winner and Cotton Bowl victory, LSU fan Mike Humble responded with this question:

“Speaking of last laughs, who won OUR game?”

Ain’t got no home

This quote from Frogman Henry describes the problem faced by the Brave Heart Children in Need organization.

Executive director Linda Montagnino says, “This year Brave Heart is the main charity for the Inner Wheel’s ‘Attic, Trash & Treasure Sale.’

“Right now we do not have a location for this year’s sale. For the past five years, Cortana Mall donated the old Mervyn’s location, but this year they have a pending sale for the building.

“We need a building with about 30,000 to 40,000 square feet with a lot of parking.”

She says they’d prefer the central Baton Rouge area, and a donation of the use of the building, “so this year’s charities (Brave Heart, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, St. Vincent de Paul charities) can receive more of the profits.”

Call Linda at (225) 937-4137 or Beverly Turner at (225) 205-4298.

Sing for your pooches

Fay M. Jones says the recent death of singer Patti Page caused her to recall this:

“In Patti Page’s heyday while passing a children’s clothing store, I noticed a stuffed doggie with four puppies snapped on in the nursing position.

“I went in and, in sing-song fashion, asked, ‘How much is that doggie in the window?’

“I still have my ‘Patti.’ ”

Special People Dept.

  • Marie Bockert, of Central, celebrates a very special birthday Friday — her 102nd.
  • On Friday Inez “Nez” Landry, of Donaldsonville, celebrates her 93rd birthday.

Mom goes modern

Debbie Peltier Roques added a note about the 93rd birthday of her mother, “Nez” Landry:

“After she reads this in The Advocate, I know she will want to see what people posted on Facebook! My, how times have changed. She went to school in a horse and buggy!”

The usual suspects

Hots Aull responds to the readers who wonder what happened to the mechanical Santa Claus that greeted shoppers at Goudchaux’s on Main:

“Don’t want to be a snitch but during our days at Istrouma High if anything was missing, Little Fuzz Brown (the principal) immediately contacted Earl Phillips and Don Hooks, and the case was usually solved.”

Sour note

I’m hoping Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, apologizes for this:

He tells of the local business owner who, to improve working conditions in his office building, has had soft music piped throughout the structure.

The project is a great success, as Roy explains:

“The halls are alive with the sound of Muzak.”

Oral request

Joe F. Cannon says, “Our recent deluge of rain reminds me of the early 1960s when my wife, Eileen, and I were operators of the fixed-base facility at Tulsa’s Riverside Airport.

“Oral Roberts University was just across the river from our location. It had a public address system that could be heard for miles around.

“It had been raining steady for a number of days when a student got access to the school’s PA system.

“In a strong voice, he broadcast this plea: ‘Oral, Oral, build an ark!’ ”

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