St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and even if you’re not having an Irish meal, it’s fun to get your green on when it comes to dessert.

I was making key lime pie, which is not Irish, so out came the green food coloring to turn the almost-white pie filling into a pretty shade of green.

Most people like this classic dessert and since it’s super rich, serve only a small portion.

The filling is condensed milk, fresh lime juice and sour cream. Over that is a topping of whipped cream that the children can decorate with green sprinkles, or you could drizzle a little chocolate over the top to complement the chocolate crust, as in this picture. A scattering of crushed Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies over the top also would be tasty.

Sometimes, when I make these condensed milk pies, the filling is too soft. This one, however, was very stiff because I used right at ¾ cup of fresh lime juice.

This is very easy to make and when topped with whipped cream rosettes and chocolate, you can create a real Irish-looking show stopper.