One of the many changes in lifestyle since I was a youngster involves haircuts.

The first barber I remember was a bald guy who cut my hair with one hand while holding the phone in his other hand and making book.

As a kid I didn’t find this unusual, thinking it was just another service he offered.

There were always old guys sitting around talking politics, fishing and football, and reading material was limited to Police Gazette.

Today I go to a neighborhood “salon,” the same one my spouse uses.

Everything is very stylish, and both the customers and the barbers (pardon me, hairdressers) seem to have stepped from the pages of Vogue.

My barber (pardon me, stylist) is a petite blonde who gives me a very good haircut but, as far as I know, doesn’t take bets.

She keeps asking me if I need “product.”

I know what “product” is, because Lady Katherine buys it.

It’s stuff you put in your hair, like Brylcreem or Vitalis.

Wonder if the salon carries those …?

Take that, Tide!

Advocate business reporter Timothy Boone says, “I was at a luncheon organized by LSU to honor the 100 Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses (companies owned or operated by LSU graduates).

“LSU system President William Jenkins was talking about how the world has changed, and how many college students are taking classes online.

“He said the University of Alabama has 33,000 students, but 3,000 have never set foot on campus.

“Shortly after that, William Balhoff, managing director and CEO of Postlethwaite & Netterville, got up to speak.

“He said, ‘I wonder what percentage of those Alabama students who never stepped on campus are football players.’ ”

Faux turtle, anyone?

Karl L. Denino continues our “Where’s the turtle?” discussion:

“Went to a nice restaurant Saturday night.

“On the menu was ‘Homemade Turtle Soup.’ I got stuck once before somewhere else, so I asked the waitress, ‘Is there turtle in the soup?’

“She said, ‘No, they use veal; turtle is too expensive.’

“Please, somebody out there explain how you can make turtle soup with VEAL.”

(Let me explain, Karl. If you want turtle, you have to order the veal scaloppine. …)

Go figure…

Mike Humble says, “Although I struggled with math during my educational process, I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with ‘new math,’ which would have made things that much more difficult.

“Example: When I’m in the express checkout line for 20 items or less, it seems there are always 25 or more items being processed in front of me.”

Nostalgia Corner

Richard Sherlock Jr. says, “To add to the current saga of home deliveries — when we were growing up on Capital Heights Avenue in the ’50s and ’60s, Calandro’s grocery on Government Street used to make home deliveries on a bicycle with a huge basket mounted on the front.

“As a kid I was amazed at how huge that basket was, and how he could pedal the bike with it loaded.

“We also had home soft drink deliveries by the case. I believe it was the Wright Root Beer Co.

“We used to get Big Shot and Wright root beer, creme soda, Cold Spot orange soda, Grapette and my favorite, Big Shot ‘red drink,’ which was strawberry. Fond memories.”

Wrong Penton

After a discussion of the “Panama Man,” who drove folks from Baton Rouge to Hammond to catch the Panama Limited train, we heard from Barry L. Byrd:

“It was my cousin, Nelson Penton, the Panama Man, from Hammond, not his brother, Ennis Penton. Both are deceased now.”

And Warren Bourgeois reminds us that both the Panama Limited and the City of New Orleans “ran through Hammond in that era.”

Party animals

The SPCA of Livingston is having some fun with its pet adoption days Friday through Sunday at the PetSmart on Millerville Road.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. you can find kittens or cats in the “Cinco De Meow” tent, or puppies and dogs in the “Barko De Mayo” tent.

It’s part of a national adoption program by PetSmart. Visit or call (877) 473-8762.

Special People Dept.

Velma B. Baumann, of Southside Gardens Assisted Living, celebrates her 92nd birthday Wednesday.

Thought for the Day

From Harriet St. Amant: “Have you ever noticed how all the instruments that search for ‘intelligent life’ point away from the Earth?”

But who’s laughing?

Harold Mayeux offers us this “Joke of the Day:”

“Tuesday’s business section headline told us that 2012 was ‘a record agriculture year.’

“We should see food prices starting to drop any day now!”

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