LSU Museum of Art has announced that Katie Pfohl will come on board as its new curator.

Pfohl has a Ph.D. from Harvard University in history of art and architecture and received her B.A. from Northwestern University in American Studies.

“Katie comes with a stellar background in academia and museums,” LSU Museum of Art Executive Director Jordana Pomeroy said in a news release. “Her dynamic ideas about the collection, passion for art and community, and warm collegiality came across quickly to the search committee, the art history faculty and Vice Provost Jane Cassidy. Her impeccable credentials and references cannot convey how much we simply liked Katie, and saw her as a good fit with the team.”

A graduate of the Whitney Museum of Art Independent Study Program, Pfohl most recently worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where she served a key role in the planning and organization of an upcoming exhibition for the American Art Department, and contributed one of the major essays for the catalogue.

She has also served as the Jane and Morgan Whitney Fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum Education and Interpretative Fellow at the Museum of Fine Arts-Boston, in addition to a number of other prestigious fellowships and awards.

Pfohl’s specialty is American art. She has published and lectured on topics ranging from American Southern art and culture to modern and contemporary Middle Eastern Art, and she has a strong background in contemporary art.

“The LSU Museum of Art’s vibrant international art collection, wonderful staff and engaged local arts community offers a unique opportunity to tell a specifically Louisianan story that also opens out onto the wider world,” Pfohl said.