A comment from a West Baton Rouge skeptic:

Barry Brewer, of Port Allen, says, “Regarding your segment on urban legends (the RV driving couple) in Wednesday’s column, I thought that it was ironic that the article adjoining your column dealt with the state adding a ferry in Plaquemine with the intent to ‘alleviate the daily traffic snarl on the I-10 bridge.’


Murphy was right

Because there was an injury, I’ve refrained from making light of the incident at the State Capitol where the multi-million-dollar security system, seemingly inspired by a science-fiction novel, almost took out a legislator, and did take out his expensive car.

But the irony here is too obvious to ignore — a system designed to keep people away from the Capitol attacks the very legislators it’s supposed to protect.

The near-tragedy serves as an example of Murphy’s Fourth Law: “If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.”

Memorable moment

“Just completed a trip to our nation’s capital,” says Will Plettinger:

“There were lots of inspiring sights (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, museums, etc.).

“However, the most inspiring was when we were waiting to board our plane to return home.

“We were sitting in the boarding area when we heard loud clapping and cheering.

“Deplaning were members of an ‘Honor Flight’ of World War II veterans from Illinois.

“Some were in wheelchairs, some had canes, but most walked proudly through the crowd gathered to wish them well and thank them for their service.

“I get choked up just writing about it and remembering the looks on those veterans’ faces.”

Cheap eats revisited

More nostalgia about places where college students (and other poverty-stricken folks) could dine for a modest price.

Gerald Guidroz, of New Roads, says, “My brother-in-law, Donald LeBlanc from Morganza, and I were telling our wives (who are sisters) about Fred’s in Hammond while we attended Southeastern. For 50 cents you could purchase a foot-long po-boy with a large side of fries. Add 10 cents for a large Coke or root beer.”

Stadium memories

Buddy Knox says he’s proud owner of a door knob from LSU’s North Stadium dorms, “prior to their renovation many years ago.

“(Athletic director) Bob Broadhead had the face cut from the door knobs and made into belt buckles.

“I was fortunate enough that my late friend Tank Kennedy was able to get one for me.”

The brass knobs had a large raised “LSU” on their face.

Special People Dept.

— S.P. “Bud” Broussard celebrates his 98th birthday on Friday, April 17, with a family crawfish boil. A native of New Iberia, he is an Ethyl Corp. retiree and one of the nation’s first “certified internal auditors.”

— Louise Beard Humphreys McCollister celebrates her 97th birthday on Sunday, April 19, at a gathering at her East Texas birthplace. A long-time Baton Rouge resident, she now lives in New Roads.

— Evelyn Laffite celebrates her 90th birthday on Friday, April 17.

— Marian Cupples celebrates her 90th birthday on Friday, April 17. “She cuts coupons for military families and knits scarves for the Children’s Home,” says daughter Nancy Ward.

— Don and Mary Folse celebrate 66 years of marriage on Friday, April 17.

— Anthony V. and Marie Therese Dimaio Noto, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 66th anniversary on Sunday, April 19. He is a U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War.

A way with words

More memories of legendary WWL sportscasters:

— Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, says, “Buddy Diliberto’s show was an almost daily subject when I worked in the sports department of the Times-Picayune in the 1980s.

“When a certain Saints player had a good gain, someone would use their best Buddy D voice to declare it was ‘a great run by wookie wunning back Weuben Mayes.’”

— Earl Guidry, of Lafayette, says, “One of the horses running at the Fair Grounds in the early ’70s was ‘Hoist The Flag.’

“Whenever Hap Glaudi informed us of the horse’s current exploits, it was called ‘Herst The Flag.’

“Bob Ruby, a popular radio talk show personality at that time, jokingly announced that he was sponsoring a listeners’ contest. The first prize was a free 30-day course at the ‘Hap Glaudi School of Diction And Elocution.’”

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