Happy New Year’s Eve! We’re still snacking on party foods from the friendly gatherings and office parties. So, what’s a few more?

There is more fun and fine food to be had tonight as we usher in a brand new year.

By this point, like most of you, I’m tired of hunting for parking spots, tired of washing dishes and, well, just plain tired. But it’s New Year’s Eve! We have to munch on something while we sit by the fire pit or play board games as we wait for the ball to drop. (As you can see, it gets wild at the Day household on NYE.)

So back to the kitchen, and possibly the store, I go. No worries — I have a couple of simply made, always-delicious recipes to save the day and not wear myself out before midnight.

I love old-fashioned holiday party foods such as cheese straws. Luckily, all you need for those are a few kitchen staples — cheese, butter, flour and some seasonings. You can change the seasonings to match what you have on hand.

Some cheese straw recipes call for a little work and a fancy cookie press, which makes delicately designed cheese nips. Or, you can make them my lazy way. Just whip the dough in a food processor, roll it out, cut it with a pizza cutter and you’re done.

For a little something sweet, this Hello Dollies recipe has been essential at our family holiday gatherings for as long as I can remember. It is easy to put together in one pan, which means fewer dishes to wash.

This one is not too rich or overly sweet. All of the layers and flavors melt together perfectly. Even coconut haters wind up going back for more.

Thanks for reading my column this year, and I look forward to continuing to cook with you in 2016.