Eat Your Vegetables: For lunch or light dinner, start with quiche _lowres

Advocate file photo -- Asparagus Quiche

Quiche and a cup of tomato soup or a fruit salad makes a wonderful lunch or light dinner.

I had everything I needed to make this asparagus quiche last week, including an already rolled out pie crust in the freezer.

With the pie crust pre-made, all I had to do was steam the fresh asparagus and grate the cheese.

The recipe calls for Swiss cheese, preferably Gruyere, but use anything you have or a mix of Swiss and something else, like cheddar, if you prefer.

I think originally this was a recipe I used for a sorority luncheon many, many years ago. The pie crust is first layered with cooked and crumbled bacon, then cheese and the asparagus pieces.

The beaten egg mixture is poured over the top and whole asparagus spears decorate the top.

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