I had pecans and apples, so I tested a recipe for Praline Apple Pie. After all, you can hardly go wrong with this combination.

I’m not sure if I carefully measured the apples after I peeled and cut them, but my filling was a little skimpy. Generally, three medium apples will yield 2¾ cups of sliced apples. I will use four apples next time just to have a thicker filling.

The praline mixture is honey, brown sugar, eggs and butter that is just poured over the top of the pie.

As soon as the brown sugar-honey

mixture comes to a boil, remove it from the heat, otherwise it will set too fast. Allow it to come to a boil and remove from heat before stirring in the beaten egg. I always temper an egg by slowly adding a little hot mixture to the beaten egg before adding the beaten egg to a very hot mixture. Tempering ensures that it will act as a thickening agent rather then being like a scrambled egg.

The pie bakes with just the apples in the crust for a few minutes before the praline mixture is poured over the top. Loosely place a piece of foil over the top of the pie when the crust begins to brown, otherwise it may get too dark.

Just in case you have pecans from a tree in your yard, I’m including my neighbor Betty Price’s pecan pie recipe, which is a good one to make during the holidays.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.