Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will ice skate into Baton Rouge May 8 with Disney on Ice “Let’s Celebrate!”.

The ice show, which will run at the River Center through May 11, features 50 of Disney’s most celebrated characters in a story about a very, merry unbirthday party that has the famed mice mystically traveling around the world. The duo experience a variety of celebrations from heading to Wonderland for tea, New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Hawaii for a luau, a villain-led Halloween haunt, Toy Story infused winter fun and of course, a ball with princesses, including Disney’s second-ever royal highness, Cinderella.

Latvian figure skating champion (1999, 2000) and multiple World Championship winner Tatjana Zaharjeva is the rags-to-riches princess.

“I think it’s every girl’s dream to be Cinderella — she’s such a classic character, but she’s really modern and she has a goal that she grew up and reached,” Zaharjeva said. “I really like to portray her for the girls because every little girl has a dream that she wishes to come true.”

Being part of a show like Disney on Ice is Zaharjeva’s dream come true. Although she has been skating since age 4 and has received much acclaim for it, as a once not-so-traveled banker, she didn’t think she would ever live that dream. Now, since becoming Cinderella in 2008, she has skated in 15 countries covering four continents, and is getting to share the experience with her husband, Bonard Muck, who plays The Little Mermaid’s main catch, Prince Eric.

“It’s so fun traveling with him,” Zaharjeva said of Muck. “He’s a beautiful skater and I love to watch to watch him work.”

Along with Cinderella, Prince Eric and other Disney royals, some of the other characters audiences will see are Lilo and Stitch, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Alice and the Mad Hatter and a series of Disney villains, including Jafar and Cruella Deville.

“There’s going to be fire on ice and snow, so it’s a really great time for the whole family just to leave everything aside and just be in a fairy tale,” Zaharjeva said. “It’s a great time for the girls because we have the princesses, but it’s also a really good time for the boys because we have the villains.”

The cast of favorite characters is comprised of acclaimed figure skaters who represent about eight nationalities from the U.S., Japan, Ukraine, The Czech Republic and Canada. They travel with the show for about 10 months each year.