Beautiful zucchini and plump yellow squash are starting to fill tables at the farmers markets and popping up as the vegetable du jour on menus all over town.

We’re always happy to have fresh squash, but I fear I’ll bore the family with too many fried or steamed squash sides every summer.

My gardening and farming friends especially are preparing themselves for the chief summer complaint, “Not squash again!”

As you know, a simple steamed squash is quick and easy; and we all love crispy, golden fried squash, but what else can we do with it?

Thankfully, because squash has a relatively mild flavor and flexible texture, there are a lot of creative ways you can cook it. I grew up having summer suppers of creamy, chilled squash soup and zucchini bread, a deceptively delicious combination of vegetable and dessert.

One of our family’s favorite recipes is a warm squash soup that can be easily adapted for summer or fall varieties.

Don’t stop with the fruit the squash plant produces; one of the latest trends is cooking squash blossoms. Upon my last trip to the farmers market, I stumbled upon a nice bunch of blossoms for a few dollars.

While I’ve enjoyed them at restaurants around town, I was excited at the chance to try cooking some of my own. Summer squash will be plentiful this year, so feel free to experiment with new recipes like these.