Loretta Toussant says, “My dad, Albert Toussant, says as a kid he and his buddies stole plums from a neighbor’s tree in Maringouin.

“They took the plums late one night, and proceeded to eat them on their way home.

“Once they got into a lighted area, they noticed that all the plums were full of worms!”

Long lives

It’s school reunion time. Here are tales of two:

— Val Garon says the men in the Class of 1951 at Ascension Catholic High School in Donaldsonville “have some fantastic statistics concerning longevity. Out of a class of 17, 11 are still alive 64 years later. At 82, I think I am the youngest.

“The 2010 U.S. population showed men over 80 consisted of only 0.65 percent of the total population. Eleven out of 17 is about 65 percent still alive. That’s 100 times the national average!

“Results of good clean living? Pas moi, cher!”

— Ralph F. Dupuy says the 75th reunion in Baton Rouge of Catholic High School’s Class of 1940 was a bittersweet occasion:

“Only one other classmate, Jack Jackson, was there. Valedictorian Leo Brassett and Tom Bernard passed away recently.

“There were 64 members of the Class of 1940, and the graduation ceremony was unique in that it was held in the Greek Theater at LSU.”

Doing the bop

Speaking of the old Wyandotte School and barber shops, Mike Montagnino wonders if anybody remembers his Uncle Leroy Chustz’s barber shop, across the street from the school:

“The thing I remember most is after each haircut my uncle would dust the back of my neck with talcum powder, then tap me on the back of my head with his long-handled brush.

“Are there any other fellows out there who left his shop with a knot on their heads?”

Wrong girls

Susan Koehler has a “celebrity meeting” story:

“When my family took a trip to tour the West and see the Grand Canyon, we stopped to visit Old Tucson in Arizona.

“My friend Diana and I arrived at the room assigned to our family, but the inside lock was hooked. Then we heard a man says ‘That must be the girls.’

“Boy, were we surprised when the door opened and there stood Cameron Mitchell, who I only knew as the cowboy who always wore black on the ‘High Chaparral’ television program. (He and a friend were waiting for their dates.) But we weren’t half as surprised as he was to find out that our ‘girls’ were 11 and 7 years old!

“It turns out the motel clerk gave us the wrong key.”

Good Samaritans

Annabelle Armstrong thanks “six wonderful people” who aided her when she fell at the Walmart on College Drive and hit her face on a van:

“Stunned, I lay there until passers-by Eric Gandy and Melissa Blanchfield helped me. Melissa called my daughter-in-law Jill to come for me.

“Then three firemen — Darren Zachary, Owen McConnell and Hayden Erwin — helped me sit up. Melissa bought a washcloth and cold water and the firemen brought ice packs. One fireman took my vital signs, then they literally picked me up and put me in my car. One fireman even cleaned my glasses, which were not broken.

“Madonna Jones, a Walmart employee on her day off, got me fresh milk, and Melissa got me bottled water.

“They all stayed with me until I was on my way with Jill. I will always remember them.”

Special People Dept.

— Elodie Duffy, of Whealdon Estates in Baton Rouge, celebrated her 101st birthday on Monday, May 11.

— Edith “Tugar” Boudreaux, of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 91st birthday on Tuesday, May 12. She’s known as “B’’ to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Thought for the Day

From Dan Burkhalter, the Carencro Curmudgeon: “It is far easier to get older than it is to get wiser.”

Give ’em shelter

Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, likes my idea of offering refugees from Texas a place to stay if they’re driven from their homes by the U.S. military’s takeover of the state predicted by some Texas politicians. Lady Katherine and I have offered shelter to Texans Marcia Ball, Willie Nelson and ZZ Top.

Says Dudley: “I heartily applaud the Anders’ offer to shelter Texans fleeing a federal attempt to take over the Lone Star state.

“Mawmaw Mary and I hereby publicly invite the Bush families. Who wouldn’t like to share a morning cup of coffee with two former presidents, discuss world affairs and SEC football, and perhaps catch a catfish or two in our pond for the evening meal?

“I REALLY would welcome the Secret Service agents assigned to protect the Bush families, not only for the security, but because they could help with our crawfish boil chores, pick up fallen limbs, take out the recycling, go out for Chinese and feed our cat and dog.

“Oh, and Sandra Bullock is welcome, too!”

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