Irma Gremillion and I have always shared good recipes with each other.

The Church Point native, who’s now living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, sent me this Upside-Down Apple Pecan Pie recipe a few years ago. In the fall, when we start getting the new crop of apples, I always make this pie. It’s not your typical apple pie because you flip it out of the pie plate onto a cake plate or platter. The pecans and brown sugar mixture that were on the bottom of the pie plate, under the pie shell, now form a caramel-type glaze on top of the pie.

I’ve forgotten where Gremillion got this recipe but another of our Home Economics friends, Martha Simmons, also liked it and submitted it to her church cookbook, “Cooking Up a Legacy of Faith.” In thumbing through the book, I spotted the recipe and since it’s apple time, you know what kind of dessert I made.

What takes the most time is peeling and coring the apples. The recipe calls for the packaged, refrigerated, rolled-out pie crusts that come two per package. I used those, but if you prefer you can always make your own crusts.

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