Editor's Note: "Louisiana Literature" is a feature highlighting recently published books from area authors.

"Personal Justice" by Chuck Bush, independently published, $9.99, 127 pages, paperback 

Baton Rouge actor and writer Chuck Bush's first novel, "Personal Justice," is a courtroom thriller inspired by the true story of his own frustration surrounding the attempt to adopt his oldest child.

Bush was assisted by co-writers C.C. Ray and Kay Landon. Ray, a Baton Rouge native, is working on her novel "The Red Stick," a sequel to her 2017 release, "River City." Landon is a screenwriter whose short films have garnered awards on the festival circuit.

The book "weaves an edgy, emotional tale about a father who had his family ripped from him by the misdeeds of his wife’s divorce attorney and the slam of a judge’s gavel. It takes the reader through an emotional game of cat and mouse as a man risks all to right this horrible wrong," according to a news release.

“My own experience in juvenile court opened my eyes to a strong learning toward mothers when it comes to custody of children, even in controversial cases. My wife and I felt frustrated and robbed, and while writing the book was a very cathartic experience for me, I also hope it will shine a bright, unapologetic light on this part of our justice system. As a society, we can do better,” Bush says.

Bush, a native of New Orleans who grew up in Houma, was 21 when he was discovered at a convenience store in Texas and cast in the 1985 film "Fandango" opposite Kevin Costner. When he returned to Louisiana in 1990, Bush started two film industry companies. He now resides in Baton Rouge and operates Disruptive FX, a video production and web design company.

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