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"Di, Di, My Darling" by Bill Sumrall, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, $20, 318 pages, paperback

In Alexandria author Bill Sumrall's new novel “Di, Di, My Darling,” terrorists kidnap Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1983.

No, it never happened, and the book explains how — and why — this event "un-happened" in history.

The adventure thriller is allegedly based on the release of top-secret files of a long-dead detective who is herself now no longer dead. How?

"The ransom demanded by the terrorists was so unacceptable that it led instead to the return of the late detective Edwina Grant, known by certain members of the British tabloid press (in typical politically incorrect fashion) as 'The Crippled Criminologist,' " a news release says.

“The question I sought to answer more than 30 years ago was ‘what do terrorists want?’ " Sumrall said in the release. “I feel the ultimate sinister answer continues to apply today, regardless of their proclaimed purpose, politics or religion, sought after fame, infamy or fortune, or rewards in the here and now or in the hereafter.”

Sumrall, a native of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, was a journalist for more than 30 years in Mississippi and Louisiana. He has also written two mysteries with co-author Branson Boykin, of Shreveport, respectively titled “SALIGIA” and “One of Us.” 

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