Young readers swept along on ‘Ollie’s Odyssey’ _lowres


“Ollie’s Odyssey” by William Joyce, 304 pages, $17.99, hardcover

The newest from Shreveport author Joyce is a cool adventure story about a stuffed bunny named Ollie who gets separated from his owner, Billy, a little boy who is loved very much by Ollie. Toys are alive in this book, and Billy considers Ollie his favorite, which makes Ollie very special in the toy world.

So Ollie doesn’t just get separated from Billy — he gets kidnapped by an evil clown named Zozo!

Zozo is kind of creepy, and he uses some evil henchmen toys to do his dirty work. In his journey to get back home, and later to rescue Billy from Zozo, Ollie, who is usually very shy, has to get a bunch of other toys to help him.

“Ollie’s Odyssey” is a little scary sometimes, but not as scary as “Goosebumps” books.

All in all, “Ollie’s Odyssey” is a very good book for kids, especially kids who like the “Toy Story” movies. The story, which has really good illustrations, was exciting and really drew us into Ollie’s world, and that does not happen to us very often.

And now that we think about it, “Ollie’s Odyssey” would be a really cool movie. Which makes sense, because some of Joyce’s other books (including “The Guardians of Childhood” series) also were made into movies.

Aydan and Aubrey, both 9, attend Lancaster Elementary School in Madisonville.