Editor's Note: "Louisiana Literature" is a new feature highlighting recently published books from area authors.

"Andre's Great Day" by Trina Triche, Xulon Press, $11.49, 50 pages, paperback

Louisiana author Trina Triche's new young adult/children's book is "Andre’s Great Day."

Published by Xulon Press, the book follows a day in the life of a young teenage boy. "After Andre's dad gives him $100, he plans a day of activities. He calls his friend Damon, and they are off to the mall. Andre is later hit with a tragic situation at his baseball practice. Nevertheless, Andre is surrounded by words of encouragement," the publisher's description says. The 10-chapter story "imparts lessons on family, friendship and faith," it also says.

Triche, a native and resident of Ama, also writes poetry and songs.

INFO: xulonpress.com/bookstore