“Fallen Land” by Taylor Brown, Macmillan, 288 pages, $25.99, hardcover

During the last year of the Civil War, Callum and Ava, a young teenage couple brought together under unusual and dire circumstances, are running from a group of nefarious bounty hunters through the land of Sherman’s March in its aftermath.

The horrors and destruction of war, both to the people and the landscape, are the backdrop to the story of this young couple’s journey for survival. Along the way, they encounter many dangerous and gruesome situations as they trek towards Callum’s family on the Georgia coast.

Though, at times, it can move a bit slow in its telling, “Fallen Land” is filled with beautifully descriptive writing of the ordinary people and places of the Civil War and, also, the harsh and violent realities of its time.

I highly recommend this book for those who enjoyed “Cold Mountain” and “Gap Creek.”

— Laura Acosta, Baton Rouge