"Laura Plantation – Images and Impressions" by William Guion, Zoe Company, Inc., $21.95, 80 pages, hardcover

South Louisiana writer and photographer William Guion's photographs and personal essays fill "Laura Plantation – Images and Impressions," a new book on the River Road attraction.

"'Images and Impressions' was both a joy and a challenge to create,” Guion says. “I rarely get the chance to combine my personal writing with my photographs in the same project. The book’s content is far from a restatement of information covered in the plantation’s tours. It’s a separate creation that blends visual details of the plantation and grounds with my personal artistic response to each thing I photographed.“

"The Vacherie plantation’s tours focus on the unique 'Creole culture' of 19th-century Louisiana as described in the memoirs of Laura Lacoul Gore, the last of four generations of her family who owned Laura Plantation," a news release says. "The tours and Laura’s memoirs deliver a compelling and dramatic look inside 100 years of life on this Louisiana sugar plantation."

For more than three decades, Guion's work has focused on the landscapes and iconic live oak trees of Louisiana and California. This is his fourth book of photographs. 

Copies of the hard-cover book are available through the Laura Plantations gift shop or website. For information, email info@lauraplantation.com. For details about the book’s photographs and stories, contact Guion at bill@williamguion.com, or through his website, www.williamguion.com.