Artists’ cats delight in Aycock’s hand _lowres

"Dufy's Cat" by Mary Moffitt Aycock

“Dufy’s Cat” by Mary Moffitt Aycock, La Plume de Tante, $12.95

Artist-about-town Mary Moffitt Aycock has produced a charming booklet about great artists’ cats. That’s right, their cats.

“Dufy’s Cat” is a work of whimsy filled with Aycock’s colorful art and clever verse.

There’s Raoul “Dufy’s Cat” who “was fat, sat on a rug, snug as a bug, in a room, all a’bloom … and his cat, it would seem, was part of the, scene, for he was lime green.”

Of “Henri’s Cat” she writes: “Toulouse-Lautrec had a defect. He wasn’t tall, at all, he was small. And so was his cat, who wore a top hat, when he sat, in cafés, or, caberets, where men in berets, watched girls in pearls, twirl and swirl, with flaunts, and flirts, as they kicked up, their skirts, and Toulouse, cruised, and mused, which girl, to chose at, the Moulin Rouge.”

But it’s really Aycock’s art that is the star of this show. From Picasso to Matisse to Van Gogh, Aycock pays tribute to them all, and, of course, to their cats. The book is available at the LSU Museum of Art, and Aycock will be signing books at the Louisiana Book Festival on Oct. 31.