Jack, I think I should read other people _lowres


Oh, Jack Reacher. You were one of the first men I fell for when I started reading mystery series many years ago, but I fear the romance is gone.

When we met, you were tall, stoic, and just a little smarter than everyone else, which I found charming. But now, those same traits that first attracted me to you have grown tiresome. You seem to repeat yourself and do the same thing book after book without revealing any new details about what makes you tick.

When you give your many speeches subtly illustrating your intelligence, I can’t help but roll my eyes. When we started out together, I couldn’t wait to see what was around each new corner on our adventures, but now, traveling with you feels boring and stale.

Take, for example, this new journey you’ve taken me on. You stop in a town for no reason other than being interested in its name, and yet you fall right into a mystery. And naturally, that mystery involves an attractive woman who can’t resist your charms. How does that always happen? As you travel across the county to uncover the dark secrets the town is hiding, I felt impatience for the journey’s end instead of interest.

The twist at the book’s end briefly caught my attention, though I feel it was likely depraved enough to repel some people. But you just kept plodding along.

I could forgive all that if this was the first time I was disappointed. But it isn’t. This has been coming for years, and I think it’s time we took a break. I know you’ll have plenty of companions without me. They like that they know what they’re getting with you and take comfort in the familiar — nothing wrong with that.

But I’d rather make room for other people in my life. I’m willing to try again down the line — perhaps one day someone will tell me that you’ve changed, and we’ll reunite to find the old spark has come back.

However, for now, I’m just not that into you.