The King’s Men is sponsoring a men’s retreat Nov. 12-15 at Chico State Park in Ville Platte.

The “Into the Wild Weekend” retreat, for Catholic and non-Catholic men, is primarily an outdoor, skill-oriented weekend focused on providing men with experiences, including orienteering, topography, self-defense, survival skills, outdoor construction, fishing, wild-game food preparation and more. Early mornings consist of prayer, Mass and a brief talk linked to the daily masculine archetype. Mid-mornings are dedicated to skill acquisition, and the afternoon to team competition and/or challenge simulations. Evenings provide time for rest, relaxation, prayer and fellowship around campfires. Sleeping accommodations consist of comfortable beds in bunk houses or rugged-style cabins.

The mission of the King’s Men, according to its website, is “to unite and build up other men in the mold of leader, protector and provider through education, formation, action and healing.”

For information, to view an introductory video and register for the retreat, visit Spots are limited.