The St. Joseph Spirituality Center has again been awarded a $10,000 grant to promote spiritual growth and social justice work, Dianne Hanley, executive director of the Baton Rouge-based organization, said.

Grant funds will be used to continue and further develop the “True Fasting: Contemplation in Action” program, Hanley said.

Now moving into its second year, the True Fasting program is designed to promote spiritual growth through the integration of one’s spirituality with social justice work in the community, she said. This program supports and encourages the hard work of changing unjust systems and creating just ones through the deepening of one’s spiritual life and relationships.

This project will be partially funded by the Congregation of St. Joseph Generous Promise Grant Fund.

In awarding the grant, the Congregation Leadership Team wrote that “the St. Joseph Spirituality Center was chosen because the proposed program displayed a strong foundation, clear purpose, sustainability and a potential for a wider application than the current situation,” Hanley said.

The St. Joseph Spirituality Center is a sponsored ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph, a community of almost 700 vowed women dedicated to bringing about a more just and peaceful world.