A couple of new books crossed my desk recently. Both look appealing, but for different reasons: One is filled with colorful photos, and the other is a more of an academic tome.

Large and colorful

“Pope Francis: A Photographic Portrait of the People’s Pope” by the Rev. Michael Collins and photographed by Rodotto Felici is published by DK, a firm known for its photo-centric books.

And “Pope Francis” doesn’t disappoint.

The book starts with a look at the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Photos show him as a child and young priest, and the chapter takes readers through his election as pope.

Then the book details in photos the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 and the process that led up to Francis’ inauguration.

The next roughly 150 pages trace Pope Francis’ life through the first three years of his pontificate.

It looks at the major holidays — Easter and Christmas — but it also captures the pope’s interactions with the people around him — a Swiss Guard, a child holding a balloon with birthday wishes for the pope.

It ends with a study of international trips the pope has made.

Felici is donating the book’s royalties to the Office of Papal Charities, which is entrusted to care for the poor in Rome.

The book holds true to DK’s other works: It is a joy to read and to look at.

It will be available for $25 on Aug. 1.

In-depth look

One way to identify major Christian groups is to divide them into major theological classifications.

A common grouping is Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical.

The definition of evangelical I favor allows that people of evangelical belief can be found across the spectrum of Christianity, but there are denominations that tend to be more evangelical as a whole.

“Evangelicals Around the World,” edited by Brian K. Stiller, Todd M. Johnson, Karen Stiller and Mark Hutchinson, takes a look at the estimated 600 million evangelicals as they are found in mainline denominations, Catholicism and other groups. It explores evangelicals in areas such as social justice, politics, arts, Bible translation and much more.

It also has pieces on evangelism in the regions of the world, including the Americas, Asia and Europe.

This book is one I am looking forward to reading. It is packed with information.

Published by Thomas Nelson, it was released this week and costs $34.99.