The Creative Arts department of First Presbyterian Church of Baton Rouge will present a free production of “Narnia, the Musical” in April.

The production is based on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” which is the first book C.S. Lewis wrote in the Narnia series.

Lewis was already an established writer of fiction and nonfiction when in 1950 he wrote the story of four children who are sent to the countryside to avoid the bombings of World War II.

In exploring the house, they discover a wardrobe in an attic. As they hide in it, they find the back of it is an entrance that leads them into Narnia — a land enslaved in never-ending winter by the White Witch.

It is filled with talking animals who are scared of the White Witch. They talk longingly of the days when Aslan the lion roamed freely.

Edmund is tempted by the White Witch and taken hostage. The other children, Peter, Lucy and Susan, rescue their brother and go on to lead the fight to stop the witch and meet Aslan, who is the Christ figure in the books.

The siblings become kings and queens of Narnia are the subjects of several of the Narnia books.

The series

The proper reading order of the seven Narnia books is sometimes controversial.

Some people insist on reading them in the order written. Others read them in “historical” order, the order of the stories based on the dates in the books. Publishers even disagree, so the numbers on the books differ by editions.

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