Local award-winning author Gwendolyn Perry Honore, will release her most recent book “Wise Wives Don’t Run” at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, June 21, at the Renaissance Hotel.

Honore’s book is a guide to help maintain healthy relationships whether married or single. The book consists of testimonies contributed by different women from various walks of life who share their relationship issues with a biblical-based resolution and scriptures as references.

“Maintaining a marriage has become a challenge of love against immaturity and selfishness,” Honore says. “In order to find success in your marriage, you must learn the gift of patience, attentiveness and forgiveness.

“Above all, you must establish a relationship with God. Testimonies in this book will give witness that some women have found it easier to run and call it quits when complications surface. Some women have carried the burden of patience, regrets and pangs of conscience, while others have discovered peace and a greater purpose. You will not receive direct answers to problems, but you will be inspired to think prayerfully before you give up on that which can be years of happiness.

“Sometimes your mess turns into a message, and your test becomes a testimony. Sometimes, the best is yet to come!”

The book is $14.95 and is available online at DrGwenPerryHonore.com.