A few years ago, David Crowder was inspired to write “Rise Up,” a fight song for Baylor University, his alma mater.

“That’s when things turned around for sure. I’m certain it has nothing to do with (coach) Art Briles and the quality of the program. It’s got to be music,” Crowder said.

(“Rise Up” is available as a free download at baylor.edu/nation/index.php?id=77243.)

He said football was a part of his transition from Texas to Georgia.

“I was never a big college football fan until Baylor started winning, and once they started winning it was ‘Wait, this game is kind of fun to watch. This is amazing,’” he said. “Then you get to the SEC world and, man, you guys are NUTS.

“I’m loving watching the Bears, but I’ve slowly become a fan of the energy and the fun surrounding the SEC stuff. It’s been awesome to be around it a little bit here in Georgia.”

When asked about the possibility of a Baylor-LSU national championship matchup (both were in the top 10 at the time), Crowder said, “I’d sure be happy about that. You guys would be sad cause you’d hate to get beat by that little school. That would hurt a little bit.”

Through his Baylor ties, Crowder is friends with Robert Griffin III, the former Baylor and current Redskins quarterback., who had just injured his ankle. “We met at my house early on when he was a freshman. He came over for a little get-together barbecue thing. We’d always do stuff for the incoming freshmen. I met him there — what a down-to-earth super humble, wonderful guy from a wonderful family.

“The injury stuff is hard to watch. You just know how steady he is in his faith. I had a text exchange last night.

“Anybody else that was in his position that didn’t hold to and have faith like he does, that would be a tough thing to have gone through two seasons in a row,” Crowder said. “He’s in good spirits and just maintaining as he can.”